Balance Bikes For Toddlers Growing In Popularity

Balance Bikes For Toddlers Growing In Popularity

Ditch those training wheels and hop on that Balance Bike!

The rage is growing in the United States, but we are still catching up to the raging popularity of balance bikes for toddlers in the UK. Check out the below photo slideshow from the Gazette in the UK.

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BMX Balance Bikes For Toddlers

It has been a few years since we’ve been writing (got busy with our own toddlers!). However, it has been fantastic to see balance bikes become more and more popular here in the United States (with many thanks to Strider balance bikes. And in a way we may not have anticipated!

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Introducing the Spherovelo Balance Bike For Toddlers

The balance bike “craze” is catching on. We say “craze”, but we hope we mean trend. Balance Bikes are amazing bikes that teach your toddler to balance and ride a bike. And now the balance bikes are being made for even younger ones!

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Introducting the Suzuki Strider Balance Bike!

Yahoo News recently released a press release that Strider will officially release a “Suzuki Strider” Balance Bike! about getting your speed!

Strider is already known for making the top selling balance bike in the United states. But fortunately they are not resting on their laurels and keep putting themselves ahead of the competition!

Go Strider!

Prize Balance Bike Donated For Charity Awareness

A really nice story here about coming up with an imaginative design for a balance bike to win a balance bike.

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Balance Bikes are definitely more popular in Europe than in the United States. Hopefully some of the manufacturers here (like Strider continue marketing efforts as well to get more kids on balance bikes!